Dr. Pappas is an experienced and outstanding biology instructor who has experience teaching biology at the collegiate level. With a Ph.D in Immunology from New York University, Dr. Pappas is passionate about his work and has helped students learn and appreciate the biological sciences. His dedication, passion, and experience in the classroom has taught his students to think outside of the box and to efficiently and rapidly analyze problems. His love for teaching helps him to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of his students, strengthening their weaknesses and reinforcing their strengths. Dr. Pappas firmly believes that with enough hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve his or her dreams.


Dr. Colasanti is a professional and outstanding instructor who taught both biology and chemistry at the collegiate level. Dr. Colasanti is also qualified to teach General Science and biology to students in grades K-12 and hopes to spread his passion about science to younger students. With a Ph.D in Molecular Biology and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Colasanti is very knowledgable about the sciences and hopes to impact students to pursue and excel at their dreams and passions. Devoted to both his work and future scientific development, Dr. Colasanti has been successful passing his knowledge to his students, many of whom have taken and received high marks on both the AP and SAT II Subject Tests for both Biology and Chemistry. Dr. Colasanti looks forward to meeting new students as he is eager to teach students who will mold and create a brighter tomorrow.



Mr. Milan is an experienced science instructor who is eager to share his knowledge with his students. A veteran in the educational workforce, Mr. Milan has taught Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Science for over 30 years. An understanding and effective teacher, Mr. Milan believes that to succeed, it is important to understand and connect fundamental and key concepts for any subject. This belief is evident in his teaching methods as he emphasizes exploring and learning the connections among the concepts he discusses in his classes. Not only is Mr. Milan an expert at connecting concepts, but he is also a keen identifier of struggling students and therefore specifically caters to the needs of each student to ensure that no one is left behind. With Mr. Milan’s expertise in teaching, students are able to learn how to think outside of the box and unlock their full academic potential.


Dr. Leung is expert in the field of Physics. With a doctorate from Columbia University, Dr. Leung has experience as an adjunct professor teaching physics to college students at Columbia University and Hunter College. Not only is Dr. Leung an experienced Physics instructor, his experience as an Optical Integration Engineer is a great opportunity for students to who are interested in engineering to learn ahead and gain insight about the practical applications of physics. As an engineer and an instructor, Dr. Leung understands the importance of practice and the need for students to understand the fundamentals for any subject in order to succeed. In his classes, Dr. Leung provides ample practice exercises that will encourage students to think outside of the box in order to apply concepts taught during class.



Mr Largo is an excellent physics instructor who is deeply passionate about his field of work. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Physics Education from the University of Granada. Mr. Largo has many years of experience teaching physics to students of all ages. His extensive knowledge and love for education will help provide students with the knowledge and practice they require to ace either the SAT Physics Subject Tests or the AP Physics exam.