Mr. Rukowski is a Princeton High School English teacher with more than 20 years of experience helping students master the SAT. He is an expert at teaching test-taking skills, helping students to analyze and tackle problems through the usage and mastery of fundamental concepts and strategies. Mr. Rukowski skillfully expands each student’s natural talent through his utilization of unique and effective methods developed over a lifetime of teaching gifted students. Mr. Rukowski’s dedication to his students and his enthusiasm for teaching have helped students recognize and unlock their full potential, with many of his students scoring a full 2400 on the old SAT.


Mr. Knoll has 38 years of experience teaching English at both the collegiate and high school level. During his 36 years of teaching at Highland Park High School, Mr. Knoll taught English at the Honors and AP level and is an experienced ESL instructor. Dedicated to both his career and his students, Mr. Knoll has prepared students for both the AP Literature and SAT exams for the last 15 years. Alongside his dedication, Mr. Knoll’s love for both the English language and literature encourages his students to explore and surpass their limits in order to further develop amazing analysis skills and a strong work ethic.


Ms. Gerber is an attentive and caring English instructor. With 12 years of teaching experience in Sweden, a leading nation in education, Ms. Gerber understands the methods needed to effectively and efficiently educate children. Passionate about reading and literature, Ms. Gerber has taught English and ESL to students for over 15 years. Not only is she an outstanding teacher, she is also well-loved by the her community as she had organized several family activities and gatherings which promoted learning and family bonding. Her extensive knowledge about education as well as her experience in the community make Ms. Gerber both an ideal instructor for students and a great role model. Ms. Gerber strongly believes that with enough practice and dedication, students are able to excel beyond their limits and become the brilliant minds of tomorrow.