Enrichment Programs for Grades 3-8

Whether you are young or old, education is a key ingredient for success. At Top 1 Education Center, we offer quality education for you or your child. Our instructors are trained professionals who have taught in schools throughout the US. With our instructors, students will receive specially catered attention from our teachers who will focus on weaknesses as well as fortify strengths.



The curriculum for this program is based off of the core curriculum taught in school districts. Our instructors are trained professionals who have experience teaching students in grades K-12 and are enthusiatic about helping students expand their limits. This program not only focuses on the fundamentals such as as reading comprehension and problem solving skills, but also this program will teach students important study and time management skills such as active participation and effective note taking skills. In a nutshell, our program is designed to help young students prepare themselves for higher education and a brighter future.



This program prepares students who are going to take the PARCC Standardized Test. This program prepares students for the English, Math, and Science sections that will be tested on the exam. Our instructors for this program are professional teachers who understand the importance of the test as well as the material that will be covered. Under their guidance and expertise, students will not only learn the necessary test-taking skills in order to ace the PARCC exam, but also become academically stronger by learning how to study efficiently.