The American College Test, or ACT, is a test that students can take to gain entry into the college of their choice. Like the SAT, the ACT is accepted by most colleges and is taken by many students yearly. In recent years, the ACT has gained significant popularity, as the exam tests the student on material he or she has learned in school. Covering subjects such as Reading, Grammar, Writing, Math, and Science, the ACT is designed for students the problems on the ACT test the student’s ability to recall and apply concepts learned in their high school class. At Top 1 Education Center, we provide a program that prepares students to take the ACT.



Our ACT Enrichment program is guarenteed to increase your ACT scores. Our instructors are trained teachers who have many years of experience teaching in the classroom. With our qualified and experienced instructors, students will be taught important test taking skills and learn strategies that are guarenteed to help students maximize their scores. Subjects that will be covered and reviewed in this course are high school level English, math, and science.