Ms. Paszamant is an experienced school counselor and instructor who is eager to guide her students down the path to success. Her love and passion for education is deeply rooted as she holds a Masters in Pupil Personnel Services and is actively involved in her school’s community, organizing graduation ceremonies and aiding the school newspaper editing process. As a senior counselor at Highland Park High School, Ms. Paszamant is responsible for many tasks such as training new counselors and helping to create a better and more efficient curriculum for both teachers and students. However, her true passion is to help students unlock and use their full potential. Ms. Paszamant is not only able to help students with their college applications, but also she is able to help parents explore better options for their child to ensure that no opportunities are overlooked.


Dr. Kimmel is a College Board (the organization administers AP/SAT exams) instructor for teaching the AP Chemistry Teacher’s Workshop on how to improve AP Chemistry teaching. Dr. Kimmel graduated from Columbia University and has enjoyed 42 years of experience teaching at the high school level, including SAT II and AP courses, and 24 years of experience teaching college level chemistry courses. Dr. Kimmel taught chemistry as a professor at Rutgers University. Dr. Kimmel’s many years of experience in the classroom is a great addition to the Top 1 family. Both his knowledge and experience allow him to help our instructors not only to teach more but to teach more efficiently.